About Us

What's Up with Noir7

Noir7 is a brand that comes straight from my heart with shear love and intention, but to know Noir7 you must know its creator. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alexis, and even before I began pouring candles I was a creator. In my twenties I was a singer/songwriter, before that I spent my childhood writing and story telling.
For me Noir7 is a labor a love. I intend for my candles to soothe, inspire, awaken your senses and emotions. I want my candles to do for you what they have done for me.

What inspired me to begin making candles? 

I began my career as a  flight attendant in 2019. Then started many nights away from home, daily encounters with hundreds of people, late nights, early mornings, not to mention the disconect from your life at home and its regularity. 

I would often return home with the weight of all my encounters feeling restless, filled with anxiety. It was a lot to carry, and it was often hard for me to adjust between the two. For my own health and sanity I had to find a method of "decompression". A routine that settled me. 

Lighting a candle had always been something my mother did Sunday after a long work week and cleansing our that morning home. As kids who had to assist in the weekly chores it signified relaxation and completion, and the best part REST & DECOMPRESSION.

I adopted that method as and found balance. My intention was grounding, and lighting a candle became a signal to my body to be still, create order of the chaos, and to go hear my own thoughts. 


About our candles

We care so much about we put on and in our bodies. I wanted a candle that cared for you as well. Clean wax that is toxin-free. A luxury grade wax that is still aesthetically pleasing. Phthalate free.


Proudly made in Atlanta, GA with intention and love

Est. 2022